Rhea St. Julien Psychotherapy

My Approach


I believe in collective liberation through personal and interpersonal healing. We all need to do our work. You can’t outsource your healing - even if you feel that someone out there has it much worse than you, so who are you to complain - this is the life you have. You have to do your part in the healing, however small, to create space for others to do their healing as well.

You do not need to be perfect. You do not need to be alone with your imperfections. Whether you are a stressed out parent trying to “have it all”, a couple that wants more than to look happy on social media, or an individual struggling with who you are supposed to be in this world, I can help you navigate your life in an empowering way.

In a session with me, we will use the arts and creativity to go further than just words, to create real, deep change. I create a safe environment for you to try out new parts of your personality and integrate them into your daily life. It is a space to find your voice, and start to use it in ways that may seem gradual at first, but over time will shift your entire way of being.

I have extensive experience with teens, children, and adults, so I am qualified to see clients who are in many different life transitions. My work is particularly helpful for those struggling with trauma, change of life issues, depression, anxiety, parenting, body image, sexuality, and relationships. My practice is primarily with women and non-binary folks who are healing from trauma, but I work with everyone.




I have been working with Bay Area families since 2004, helping my clients find the healing that works for them. I graduated from the California Institute for Integral Studies with a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, concentration in Expressive Arts Therapy, in 2008. My speciality is working with women and non-binary folks who are seeking healing from trauma. I believe in using the power of the arts and evidence-based therapeutic tools to bring expression to the unsayable.

My own personal arts practices are reading Tarot, writing, and dancing, both of which I do with regularity. I bring this artist perspective to my work as a psychotherapist, thinking of creative ways to help my patients connect at a soul level. I also believe strongly in a healthy sense of humor, and bring the up-front honesty my East Coast upbringing provided me to my work as well.

I have staked my life on intersectionality. I will bring this awareness of power dynamics and desire for collective healing into my work with every single patient.

I received my license as a California Marriage and Family Therapist (#83688) in 2014. My private practice is located in the Mission District of San Francisco, the neighborhood I have lived in for over a decade. Every day I feel grateful for the honor to do healing work as my profession.