Rhea St. Julien Psychotherapy



Individual Therapy

Pretty much everyone would benefit from some one-on-one therapeutic work. You cannot outsource your own healing, and you come into therapy when you know you have a piece of work you need to do on yourself. I will help you through this, to reduce your symptoms and get you free. My approach is active. I am really going to get into it with you, rolling up my sleeves to get to the core of the matter, so you are not left there alone. I am not one of those therapists who are just going to smile and nod. I will offer experientials, usually of a metaphoric or creative nature, to help us learn more about what is happening internally, and bring it out into the external world so we can sort it out, together. I will gently guide you to your own insights, so you can own all the parts of your life equally.


Couples Therapy

Relationship issues often need a third, unbiased party, to bring some ease to communication. Conflict is a normal, natural part of growth between two people. However, learning to navigate conflict with mutual respect and love is really hard to do, especially if it was not modeled for you in your family of origin! In couples therapy with me, I will help you use Nonviolent Communication and Effective Listening to gain greater connection with each other.


Child Therapy


My approach to therapy with children is warm, symptoms-focused, and playful. I first sit down with the parents or guardians and discuss family structure and what you’ve been noticing about your child. We make a plan, and then check in every few sessions to track progress. The most important factor for success with child therapy is consistency, so please keep in mind that I need to see my child patients weekly. The good thing is, the child brain is very resilient, and they will not have to see me forever! I use sandtray, games, and art when appropriate with the developmental stage your child is currently experiencing. As a parent of two myself, I understand it can be overwhelming to manage symptoms in your little one, and I’m here to help!


Trauma-Informed Therapy


When the brain experiences trauma, often it gets stuck at the point of impact, and leaves the person feeling like it’s still happening all the time. This is true for single incident traumas, like accidents, or complex traumas, like abuse. I use techniques to help you get freedom from the disturbance the trauma has caused. After treatment, you will be able to recognize that those things happened to you, but they are in the past now, and though they are sad, you don’t have to be overwhelmed with emotion every time you think about them. It’s a chance to re-write your story, with new meanings, that emphasize your strength and resilience. Call me to hear more about what this entails.


Expressive Arts Therapy


Art-focused therapy helps bring expression to the unsayable. I use visual art, metaphor, writing, movement, sandtray, drama, and ritual in my practice. Some experiences need more than talk therapy, and art therapy can bring depth and meaning to something you’ve talked about many times before, or help you express something you’ve never told anyone. You do not have to be artistic to benefit from art therapy! All you need is a willingness to heal.